Sapphire DPS Transitions to Premier Financial Hub to Help Clients Achieve Financial Freedom

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January 24, 2021


(San Diego, Calif.) Many people have experienced financial difficulties in the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic causing layoffs and furloughs, among other hardships. This struggle was even worse for those who lacked sufficient savings and a structured budget. That’s in part why Sapphire DPS has transitioned from offering credit repair services to focusing on providing educational financial resources and solutions. Tied to this financial literacy effort, Sapphire DPS has also released a new eBook, titled “Blockchain Technology: Insights into Cryptocurrency and the World of Digital Exchange,” available now on Amazon

“We have been providing credit repair services for seven years and have successfully helped many people raise their credit score from the 500s to the 700s, but what I’ve noticed is that many people with credit challenges tend to repeat or make similar mistakes after their credit is fixed, creating a cycle of financial challenges and hardships,” explained Sharisa Henry, CEO . “ As a result, our services are now primarily focused on the core issues that many are facing –  budget planning, money management and overall financial literacy. While we still provide effective ways to build good credit, we know that many clients can avoid having credit issues in the first place, or better maintain it once fixed, if they adhere to a solid budget plan, strategically maximize their savings and income, and understand the key factors that impact their credit rating.” 

The financial resources that the company now offers include educational content, actionable strategies, new technologies and cutting-edge tools to help clients achieve their financial goals. These resources can help clients develop a solid budget plan, increase their savings, build positive credit, earn passive income, learn new investment techniques and more. The company also has specific resources for innovative retirement investment strategies, as well as resources for children so that they can attain financial literacy at an early age. Despite these added service offerings, the company’s mission remains the same: proving financial solutions for your success.

From budget planning and building credit, to earning passive income and investing in cryptocurrencies, the team at Sapphire DPS offers a variety of solutions to meet people wherever they are on their financial journey.

For those interested in getting started on the path to financial freedom, visit the Sapphire DPS website to take advantage of their free budget planning guide at The “Blockchain Technology: Insights into Cryptocurrency and the World of Digital Exchange” eBook is available for purchase on Amazon

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