Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Partner with Us to Convert Houses into Homes


Vacant, desolate houses don’t do anyone any good.  They don’t give justice to the engineers who designed them, nor the contractors who built them, and they don’t live up to their uttermost purpose.  Many foreclosed properties are left vacant for several months with minimum maintenance, if any, leaving them prone to infestation, weathering, damage and vandalism.  Often the exterior landscape lacks the care and attention of neighboring homes, bringing down the overall appeal of the surrounding community as well.

Sapphire DPS was initially established out of the desire to purchase these distressed properties, give them a makeover – or major overhaul – and then pair them with desirous families to bring them to life – creating memories and strengthening the community.  If you are interested in becoming an investor for one of our projects, we offer generous returns within a relatively short period of time (usually 6-8 months).   For more information please contact us.

Sapphire DPS offer real estate investment opportunites