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Bad Credit is Expensive

Your credit can be one of your most valuable assets, so it’s important to understand how it works.  Whether you want to buy a house, purchase a car, further your education, or even start a business, you will likely need some form of credit.  Unless you have an enormous amount of savings available, it’s important to understand your credit score, and how it can work for, or against you.  Your score is your “adult” report card.  It reports to your professors, Equifax,TransUnion and Experian,how well you are managing your finances, how financially responsible you are, and your overall level of credit risk.

Just as you go to school to create more career opportunities, your score rating can have a huge impact on your purchasing power and financing options.  With a poor credit score you may be subject to high interest rates, credit denials, inflated insurance premiums, and harassing collection calls – leaving you with less of your hard earned cash.  With good credit, conversely, you can qualify to own a home, buy a car, and finance other large purchases at substantially lower rates.  Essentially, the lower your credit score, the more costly it is,so it pays to have good credit!

Sapphire DPS,LLC will work with you to improve your credit as quickly as possible.  During your FREE consultation, we will learn your objectives, review your credit reports, and develop a personalized method to strategically help you meet your goals.  We use our knowledge of consumer laws to assist you in correcting or removing derogatory items from your credit reports, as well as proven techniques to rapidly boost your credit scores.  Most of our clients see positive results within 90 days.

As a client, we will not just help you improve your credit, but we will help you learn what actions directly impact your score, so you can maintain control and continue to build your credit in the future.

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