Moving about with no bills in your wallet? Well, you are not alone. Lots of people are ditching conventional bills for something bigger, something smarter. It’s no news that our only means of payment for goods and services used to be cash. Everyone depended on some printed


You and your partner need to create a life that will make your marriage work. Sure, you have come from different backgrounds, have separate careers, and even dreams.

Nevertheless, you are in this together!

Maybe it’s his strong, tall, big, and handsome figure that blew you out of the water. Or her flowing midnight-black hair coupled with her irresistibly cheerful character. Or his shiny goatee. Or even her shiny, halo-white teeth. Or ……

The thing is, you have

Meet Jenny and Phil. They have so much in common.. Both are 32 years old. They are also ardent travelers. And lovers of books. “I have even written a children’s comic book!” Jenny says, grinning “Funny, she has just made a couple of sales…” Phil interjects, laughing These two are

A lot of people don’t understand the consumer credit system, and many more don’t understand the business credit system. Today I’m going to cover a couple of common business credit “myths”, and 2898