Our Mission

We are committed to helping our clients establish good credit and financing terms, investing in distressed properties, and helping distressed property owners who have endured economic hardships.

Sapphire DPS, LLC was initially formed to purchase distressed properties and covert them into beautiful homes.  We have several years of experience with buying properties, and we know first-hand how rewarding, yet challenging, the process can be – especially without excellent credit.  Credit is the key that opens the door to many of life’s greatest desires, ranging from owning a home and buying a car, to financing college tuition or starting a business.  After many years of research and experience, we learned how to achieve good credit, and expanded our services to include credit consulting and education accordingly.  We are committed to helping our clients maximize their credit potential to achieve their financial goals, with optimal terms.  We help individuals understand and improve their credit, and we help new start-ups and small businesses build credit and obtain funding.  We work with our clients to help them build a strong credit profile, and more importantly, we educate them on how to maintain it.

As we continue our efforts to relieve distressed properties, we welcome the opportunity for investors to join our plight.  We also provide services for distressed property owners to include selling collateralized debt instruments, and assisting home owners who have endured economic hardships.  Through our financial and investment services, we offer real solutions that help transcend obstacles and enrich lives.

We stand behind our work, and we look forward to working with you!