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Sapphire DPS, LLC’s Business Finance Suite Offers New Financial Programs

Sapphire DPS, LL C has added some revolutionary new financial programs into their unique funding system, the Business Finance Suite. The finance suite is one of the most comprehensive financial solutions available today. Through this groundbreaking system business owners can insure their business is setup to meet lending credibility standards. Businesses can then gain access to more financial programs and sources than are available anywhere else. Every legitimate business financial option


Sapphire DPS, LLC’s Business Finance Suite Gives Businesses Greater Access to Credit and Funding

Finance experts are elated as Sapphire DPS, LLC has finally rolled out their much anticipated Business Finance Suite.  Sapphire DPS, LLC has released a first of its kind cash and credit access system which provides business owners easy access to financing options of all kinds for their businesses. The Business Finance Suite has
thousands of financing sources, and more access to money than any other stand-alone system in the world. The finance suite also

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We are always seeking new projects to convert distressed properties into beautiful homes, and we offer a generous return to investors who partner with us!

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If you have a private party or seller financed note/debt instrument, we offer competitive quotes to sell your note for cash.  With current interest rates being relatively low, if you want to sell your note now, the market is in your favor!

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  • I have been in business for about six years doing catering and delivery. My personal credit was not in good condition, but once I started building my business credit, I was able with your help to get some expansion capital. Even though my (more…)

    Elizabeth A Morales South Orange NJ
  • Hi my name is Ivan Sugussen, from Castle Food Company. I have been in the business of credit coaching for about five months now. I am really excited about what just happened Tuesday. I was approved for a $10 million line of (more…)

    Ivan’s 10 million dollar approval
  • I figured I had business credit since I been in business almost ten years now. After going through your program, I found out I did not have any history at all. After your help, I was able to start building my credit and because of my (more…)

    Steven M Trigg Norcross GA
  • The business credit coaching program has been great. I am a start up company and because I had good personal credit, my funding adviser was able to help me obtain my start up capital, within 60 days of working in the coaching (more…)

    Stella H Mckenney Dallas TX
  • You guys have been great. Thanks to your help, and thanks to my coach, I was able to get the start up capital for my company in about four weeks after signing up. You taught me how to use my personal credit, but without it showing (more…)

    Sherry O Hawkins Tampa FL
  • When I first called and signed up to start building my business credit, they helped me understand. Because my personal credit was limited, it would take more time to find financing. If I had good personal credit, I would been able (more…)

    Sarah R Greene Bloomfield CT
  • I cannot thank you enough. I was able to get enough capital to cover the expenses we had during our full season. Thanks to your help, I am now building good business credit. I also just got funded based on (more…)

    Sadie R Williams Reading VT
  • I signed up with the credit building program, in order to start a company, after I had lost my job of thirteen years. At the time, my personal credit really was not in good shape. I appreciated them letting me know, that with bad personal credit, I could still (more…)

    Patricia M Guerra Niagara Falls NY
  • Because I had an existing business and good personal credit, I was able to go through you program really fast. So far, I have obtained about $50,000 in business credit.  I am already on step five and (more…)

    Mari Mcclure Chalmette LA
  • When I first signed up for the business credit program, I was a little nervous, just because I had no business experience. I just finished filing for bankruptcy after an expensive divorce case. It takes longer to build good business credit, if you (more…)

    Harold B Malley Dublin OH
  • My accounting business has been around for a bit. We have been fairly successful to date, however, I wanted to grow, and was in need of additional expansion capital in order to make that happen. The problem was the local bank turned me down because (more…)

    Dorothy J Lowell San Luis Obispo CA
  • My personal credit is not that good. After getting turned down at multiple banks, because of my personal credit, I signed up with the business credit program so I could start building my business credit. It took longer than I wanted. I wanted everything (more…)


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