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Good credit is within your reach

Bad Credit is Expensive

Let Us Work to Help You Build Your Credit

Need to Qualify for a Home or Auto Loan?

Good credit is within your reach


Get the Capital You Need

Pursue Your Passion

Business Credit and Funding is Within Your Reach

We Can Help You

Convert Your Note

Into Cash

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Improve Your Credit Today

Bad Credit = Obstacles
Good Credit = Options

We Exercise Consumer Laws

Expect Results within 90 Days!

Your credit is one of your greatest assets, giving you the leverage you need for life’s biggest purchases.  We can help you improve your score within months!

Build Credit For Your Business

Our comprehensive system will guide you step-by-step

Not Linked to Your SSN

Qualify for Business Credit.

Our comprehensive system will ensure your business is set up credibly, and guide you through the process of building credit and obtaining funding for your business, with no personal guarantee.

Real Estate Opportunities

Take the ``stress`` out of distressed properties

Let Your Money Work For You

We are always seeking new projects to convert distressed properties into beautiful homes, and we offer a generous return to investors who partner with us!

Exchange Your Note

Sell your note for a lump sum of cash today

We Can Help

Convert Your Note into CA$H.

If you have a private party or seller financed note/debt instrument, we offer competitive quotes to sell your note for cash.  With current interest rates being relatively low, if you want to sell your note now, the market is in your favor!

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