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Behind every successful endeavor lies a solid plan, and successfully managing your budget is no exception. From juggling your income and expenses, to paying your bills on time to growing your savings, every other facet of your financial makeup – how much you can afford to save, spend, invest, etc. - hinges on mastering how you manage your budget. In order to execute the plan efficiently you’ll also need a strategy. By featuring proven tools, resources and techniques, we provide the best options available to help you stay organized and master your budget.   Read More →


Whether you already have a savings account or are just starting out, you may have noticed that the interest rates offered by most banks are not so exciting. We are constantly doing research to find the highest interest rates and CD’s available to maximize your return. Although investing and earning passive income is more lucrative, you’ll want to have liquid assets available that you can rely on. This will enable you to be better prepared for the unexpected and keep your budget on track. We’ve done the research to help you secure the best yields possible with a minimum deposit and no monthly fees.  Read More →


To improve your credit as quickly as possible, it makes sense to focus on the factors that impact your score the most.  Out of the five components that determine your credit score, 35% is based on your payment history.  Having positive credit reported monthly on your credit profile has a significant impact on your score, both short term and long term.  When you are making payments to a creditor, however, it’s usually to payoff a debt, and none of the funds are returned to you.  But what if you could make payments that get reported and then receive most of your money back at the end of the term?  Well now you can!  We have the solution to help you build positive credit and a secured savings account at the same time.  Read More →


If you want to make some serious money, then you’ve probably noticed that trading your time for money is not the solution. The fact is, there are only 24 hours in a day. If you want to start making real money, then it pays to work smarter and let your money work for you. With passive income, you make an investment - or perform some work upfront - and then you earn a residual stream of income with little to no additional efforts. We have done the research to narrow down the top ways to earn passive income requiring minimal upfront costs while paying a high return and delivering fast results. To learn more about these opportunities and see which one is best for you, click here.  Read More →


You’ve probably heard this many times, but whenever investing it’s wise to diversify vs putting your eggs in one basket.  As a breakthrough technology which has revolutionized how currency is transacted, and as what many are predicting to be responsible for the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, there are still many ways to profit with cryptocurrencies.  Whether you want to know more about blockchain technology and how cryptocurrencies work or the different ways to invest in cryptocurrencies and what things you may want to consider, we have written an exclusive ebook to address all of these topics and much more.  Read More →


When planning for retirement, there are many different types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) plans available in addition to the 401(k) plan offered by most employers. While the type of plan determines when taxes will be applied, the investment options chosen are what drives the rate of return. Although there are a wide range of investments available, they are typically limited to the custodian’s portfolio. Based on tax laws, however, self directed IRAs can be used to invest in a broad range of assets from real-estate and precious metals to tax liens and cryptocurrencies; giving you complete freedom to choose what you invest in, and more control over your investment decisions. Read More →


We learn many important skills in school but when it comes to budget planning and credit reporting, we are left to figure it out on our own, and usually it’s the hard way.  By teaching children financial skills at an early age, they will learn to temper what they want vs what they really want.  They will understand that although money doesn’t grow on trees, there are ways to make it grow.  They will have a greater appreciation for what they earn and acquire valuable disciplinary skills.  They will learn the time value of having something now vs having more later.  They will also be more financially savvy and better prepared to manage their budget and make financial decisions as they get older.  Read More →

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Whether you are just learning to budget, want to build better credit or learn more about ways to maximize your income, we provide a comprehensive range of valuable resources that deliver results.
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Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing how we transact on a local and international level.  Our newly published book, “Blockchain Technology – Insights into Cryptocurrency and the World of Digital Exchange,” offers a detailed and educational experience for those who want to fully understand cryptocurrencies and maximize their potential. For more information including a sneak peak inside, click here.

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Every successful endeavor starts with a plan, and there are often many different ways to achieve the same goals. As a premier financial hub, we provide valuable information and resources to help you achieve your financial goals as quickly as possible. Whether you want to develop a solid budget plan, create new streams of passive income, or explore new ways to invest, our educational and cutting edge platform is here to help you plan, strategize and succeed!
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Many people are struggling to manage their personal finances and this often leads to affecting their credit as well. There are many ways to spend money, however, there are just as many ways to make money; but only if you’re aware of them. Our mission is to increase financial literacy while creating opportunities for financial growth. Whether you are looking to develop a solid budget plan, improve your credit profile or maximize your income, we offer resources and information to meet you where you are, and help you get to where you want to be. As a premier financial hub, we are dedicated to helping our subscribers spend less time worrying about how to fund their financial goals, and more time achieving them.

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