Would You Like Liquid Cash for Your Note?


Have you ever considered selling your real estate note for a lump sum of cash for any of the following reasons?

  • Pay off debts
  • Relieve stress about the borrower defaulting on payments
  • Stop worrying whether or not the buyer is paying taxes and insurance premiums
  • Reinvest in a higher performing investment
  • Help make a large purchase such as a house, car or dream vacation

Depending on your situation, getting a lump sum of cash TODAY may be better than collecting small monthly payments tomorrow.

At Sapphire DPS, our process is simple:

  1. Enter basic information about your note online
  2. Obtain a free quote to sell your note
  3. We price your note and provide our best offer
  4. If you accept our offer, we facilitate processing the paperwork and schedule the closing
  5. Funds are wired to your designated bank account

We work with a vast network of investors who buy, broker and sell real estate notes of debt instruments nationwide.  These secured debts include:

  • Performing and non-performing notes
  • Single family homes
  • Commercial real estate including multi-family, vacant lots, and more

If you have a private party or seller financed note, we can make you an offer.